Returns Policy

Returns Policy

CouponzDirect will offer a refund on its service up to seven days of the service being in place after the seven days we will not issue a refund as CouponzDirect would have begun the process begun the process of loading your digital manufacturer and in-store grocery and pharmacy coupons to your store loyalty card(s).

You can of course cancel your service at any time using the following steps:

Login to your Paypal account at

Click the “Settings” icon (cogwheel) next to the “Log out” button.

Select “Payments” from the sub-menu for “Settings”

Click on “Manage Automatic Payments” in the Automatic Payments section.

Click on CouponzDirect whose agreement you want to cancel and select “Cancel” for the “Status” under CouponzDirect’s name.

On the confirmation page, click “Cancel Automatic Payments” to confirm you want to stop payments to CouponzDirect.

On the verification page click “Done” to finish.

You will then receive a message confirming you have successfully canceled your automatic payments to us.

Alternatively you can email and request cancellation of our service and we will take care of the cancellation for you and you will receive an email confirmation to tell you we have done so.