About Us

Why Couponz Direct was Born

How many of us have been at a grocery store and found at the check-out we have forgotten to bring the coupons we painstakingly cut out from the newspaper or downloaded and sent to the printer? Only to find out that at the check-out we either forgot to bring or to use the coupons or even worse that they have now expired? Well that is exactly what happened to Penny, our Founder when she went shopping for her family, she had left the coupons at home on the printer Doh! Penny thought to herself and at that moment the light bulb in her head went off, out of her frustration she realized there must be a better way to access coupons, ensuring never to lose a coupon saving again while also saving her valuable time.

Penny then set out to develop what we now know as Couponz Direct. She worked tirelessly, researching the best way to access these coupons and realized that she would have to overhaul the whole process, and after many days and nights contemplating the concept Couponz Direct was born,

Couponz Direct is on the way to changing the way people across America buy their groceries and access instant savings. The exciting thing is, we are just getting started. So come on and join the Couponz Direct community and start changing the way you save both time and money today.

Today Couponz Direct is able to help people just like you, by ensuring that you never leave home without the ability to access valuable coupon savings, either on your smart phone via our app or having them automatically loaded on a daily basis to your store loyalty card at one of over 50 grocery chains across America today.

We are well on our way to changing the way people use coupons when buying their groceries and access instant savings, but the good news, we’re just getting started.

So come on join the revolution and start saving both time and money today!

Our Mission

To ensure shoppers have access to available coupon savings!

FACT, anyone can clip coupons from a newspaper or circular today, as they are made available in abundance & it is also true you can go to one of the tens of websites that offer you the ability to search for available coupons, download and print! However less than 1% of the American population actually take the time and effort to do this. On a daily basis Couponz Direct will do this for you, making the coupons available on your smart device or loaded directly to your store loyalty card.

Our Mission is simple, to engage with all Americans to ensure that through our service that they save both time and money. This is the real value of couponz direct and the service we offer,

Spread the word

Want to earn whilst you save money, this is simple once you start to use Couponz Direct and see the value in our service simply spread the word to friends and family allowing them the opportunity to take advantage of the coupon saving also and we will reward you with a free month’s subscription or 10% of their subscription purchase as a thank you, simply have them use your email or your unique reference code at the point of singing up in the reference field. Refer & Earn